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Your Professional Resource Team

  1. Gene Sticco
    Chief Executive. Gene brings over 25 years’ experience as a leader in Critical Infrastructure Protection globally
  2. Richard Catanise
    ADVISORY BOARD. Founder & CEO, RJC Energy Solutions
  3. Scott Hartwig
    ADVISORY BOARD. CEO of Mission Ops LLC and founder of Fly Fishing Leadership
  4. Dr. Christian Yorgure
    Sr. Advisor. Author, "Multinational Corporations and Host Communities: Proposing Zero-Violent Conflict Model"
  5. Jack Kronenberg
    Sr Advisor, Business Development
  6. Alan Farash
  7. Brian Sunday
    Police Services
  8. Michael Garcia
    Government Services
  9. Vuong Tran
    Trade Representative, Vietnam
  10. Kim Tran
    Special Advisor, Vietnam

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Who We Are...

Stratis Resources is headquartered in Rochester NY with resources across five continents.  Founded in 2010 in New York as Rochester Security Training, Assessment & Risk Consulting LLC, the company restructured to become Stratis Resources in 2016 to better represent the more complex client needs we address as well as our comprehensive suite of services which enhance our clients' day-today operations, long-term resiliency and continuity.  We are a small, boutique, business with a global reach.

Our mission is simply to enable our clients’ success wherever they operate, whatever the conditions.  Our goal is to provide both innovative solutions and continually improve upon international best practices.  We not only seek to be a preferred service provider but also a trusted advisor.  We conduct all activities with respect for people, cultures and traditions; uphold the principles of integrity, reliability and trust; and build capacity through knowledge transfer.

Code of Conduct
Stratis Resources abides by a code of business ethics and conduct designed to clearly communicate respect for human rights and the dignity of human beings as well as the prohibition of bribery and other crimes.  Our code informs all our business partners of the company’s expectations and of their responsibilities and obligations as they relate to our fundamental values.
Our team is composed of elite men and women from multiple industries in the public and private sectors.  They have worked with government, military, police and intelligence agencies, top management consulting firms, leading defence and technology companies and are truly representative of the diverse world we operate in.  

We are committed to developing and supporting talent and suppliers in local communities to provide a unique synergy and vast resource capability to provide custom designed solutions.

Additionally, we believe that strong leadership is integral to organizational success and are dedicated to building a company based on quality, compliance, rigorous standards and flawless execution.  While our management team comprises seasoned professionals with decades of experience in the government, military and private sectors we also look for guidance and mentorship by a distinguished international advisory board.

Our structure allows us to provide local expertise on a global basis. Our local insight and resourcefulness stems from our team's deep experience in specific environments, complimented by strategic partnerships with carefully vetted public and private sector organizations.
  1. Developing Capacity
    Developing Capacity
  2. Responding to Disasters
    Responding to Disasters
  3. Coordination with Authorities
    Coordination with Authorities
  4. Disaster Preparedness
    Disaster Preparedness
  5. Energy Resilience for Communities
    Energy Resilience for Communities
  6. Global Reach
    Global Reach
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