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Case Studies

  1. Foreign Evacuation
    Foreign Evacuation
    Non-essential staff and families are evacuated from Nigeria following a bombing of the company's residential compound.
  2. Hurricane Katrina
    Hurricane Katrina
    Securing assets, making repairs and resuming operations in a dynamic situation. Coordination of efforts with local and military authorities.
  3. Entering Iraq
    Entering Iraq
    Planning and support for a Multi-National Corporation to send it's first Executives to post-invasion Iraq in order to set-the-stage for Reconstruction efforts.
  4. Community Building
    Community Building
    Building a girl's school in Pakistan.
  5. Demilitarizing Operations
    Demilitarizing Operations
    Restructuring security operations to reduce the required number of armed private and military personnel, thereby reducing a trend of accidental weapon discharges, and significantly improving overall security and safety.
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