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Safeguarding People by Building Resilience and Ensuring Stability


We provide accurate and timely social, economic, political and security intelligence reporting services to facilitate our clients’ operations and affords the ability to make informed decisions.  


​Providing the best in infrastructure services, disaster preparedness, emergency response and strategic site integration.


Life and Logistics support solutions; from accommodations and dining. life-saving emergency assistance.  We are a force multiplier which allows clients to focus on core organizational demands.
  1. Keeping Schools Open
    Keeping Schools Open
  2. Building Community Relationships
    Building Community Relationships
  3. Delivering Critical Support
    Delivering Critical Support
  4. A Focus on Impact to People
    A Focus on Impact to People
  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
Our experience crosses more than 40 countries over 6 Continents.  
Our global experience helps our clients operate with integrity and to the highest standards in health, safety, environment, diversity and human rights.
Government Facilities
​Emergency Services
Defense Industrial Base
Public Works
Commercial Facilities
​Critical Manufacturing
Water and Wastewater

Financial Services
Food and Agriculture
Healthcare & Public Health Faith-Based Services

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