Stratis Resources Disaster Risk Reduction Services - Building resilient cultures in government, corporations & communities globally
Stratis Resources is a global business service network that builds resilient cultures in government, corporations & communities.  We provide thoughtful, realistic, reasonable and sustainable platforms for developing practical strategies toward Disaster Risk Reduction; enhancing resilience and managing risks from natural events & man-made disasters as well as geopolitical & societal issues.

We provide accurate and timely social, economic, political and security intelligence reporting deliverable on a daily, weekly, monthly or ad hoc basis.

Stratis Resources provides a suite of services to facilitate our clients’ operations and support informed decision-making throughout the project-planning processes.  

Additionally, we empower your organization by applying our experience and knowledge of disaster mitigation, planning and response, continuity of operations, organizational resilience best practices, & emergency management issues.

Our managed services also include the provision of all personnel, technical and communications equipment, service support, and training. 

We offer a wide-array of life and logistics support solutions, including everything from accommodations and dining to life-saving emergency assistance; enabling clients' to focus on core organizational demands.

Community & Infrastructure Resilience

With our strategic partners and experts in Smart Energy Integration and Micro Grid solutions, Stratis Resources supports government entities, communities & businesses developing energy infrastructure management systems to ensure continuity and resiliency during and following natural or man made disasters.
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