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Resilience is the ability an organization has to quickly adapt to disruptions while maintaining continuous operations and safeguarding people, assets and overall brand equity.

​​From the Fence Line to the Boardroom, Stratis  Resources ​delivers solutions for complex challenges that are thoughtful, realistic, reasonable and sustainable.

Insight & Analysis
Accurate and timely social, economic, political and security intelligence reporting deliverable on a daily, weekly, monthly or ad hoc basis.
Logistics & Support
We offer a wide-array of life and logistics support solutions, including everything from accommodations and dining to life-saving emergency assistance; enabling clients' to focus on core business demands.
Program Development
Risk Management
Stratis Resources provides risk management and advisory services to facilitate our clients’ business operations and support informed decision-making and project-planning processes.  Our people possess knowledge and expertise that can only be gained from having worked with some of world’s most critical infrastructure facilities (Oil & Gas, Energy, Ports and Transportation, Government Facilities,Military, Healthcare, Critical Manufacturing and more).
Consultation | Assessment | Program Development |
Instruction | Evaluation

Our managed services also include the provision of all personnel, technical and communications equipment, service support, and training.  This can be delivered through various models including Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) as part of market entry support services.
Energy Resiliency for Businesses, Communities & Organizations
With our strategic partners and experts in Smart Energy Integration and Micro Grid solutions, Stratis Resources supports government entities, communities & businesses developing energy infrastructure management systems to ensure continuity and resiliency during and following natural or man made disasters.  ​​Learn More...
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  1. Cyber Security
    Advice and support on computer forensics, data security and technical surveillance. Our team also provides a preventative service of systems audits and penetration testing to check IT resilience to attack.
  2. Travel Safety & Journey Management
    Risk-based training courses tailored to various environments. Additionally, we provide journey management support for companies beginning to explore new countries.
  3. Productivity & Asset Optimization
    Tools for conducting assessments of process operations to identify ways of doing more with less: enhance efficiency & utilization and reduce costs.
  4. Security Solutions
    Stratis Resources is able to rapidly mobilize personnel and technology to protect people, high value property and equipment. Technology solutions include Personnel & Asset Tracking, CCTV, Biometric Access Control & Monitoring, Radar, Number Plate Recognition, and more. Optional embedded advisory and management professionals can provide ongoing support to ensure delivery of the full capabilities of Stratis Resources within your organization.
  5. Quality Assurance & Control
    Proven project management processes to manage, maintain, and improve the quality of your program/project throughout its lifespan.
  6. Emergency Management & Disaster Response
    Empowering your organization by applying our experience and knowledge of disaster mitigation, planning and response, continuity of operations and organizational resilience best practices, and emergency management issues.

From the Fence Line to the Boardroom, Stratis  Resources ​delivers solutions for complex challenges that are thoughtful, realistic, reasonable and sustainable.

"In the days following (the  9/11 Terrorist Attacks in NY), you played an indispensable role in planning and implementing several key Congressionally mandated initiatives designed to ensure that this nation's transportation systems were safe and secure...  This involved  multiple dependencies, a highly compressed implementation timeline, training shorfalls, and equipment backorders.  Your leadership and perseverance was instrumental in fostering a sense of teamwork and initiative (and) the fruits of your labor are evidenced by the fact that all activities were completed ahead of or on schedule.

I am at a loss for words to fully articulate the magnitude of this challenge but suffice it to say that the numerous setbacks and challenges you encountered would have caused a lesser individual to capitulate to the seemingly insurmountable odds."
Excerpt from Commendation Awarded by the
Federal Security Director, Greater Rochester International Airport
US Transportation Security Administration
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